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Get Your Questions Answered - Call Me for a Phone Consultation (312) 772-3346

Law Clerk or Paralegal Internship Opportunity

As an intern with us, you will help clients obtain social justice and be part of their journey to a new normal.

HBOG Law Group, LLP

Here Is Just a Sample of Things You Can Work on on Your Internship:

  • Complete real work: yes, the same work that the partners do will also be assigned to you
  • Talk directly with clients and opposing counsels
  • Conduct research for case law, statutes, and social sciences
  • Draft motions, petitions, and judgments
  • Obtain an impressive learning experience that no other internship will provide (I should know, I’ve been through all the internship and fellowship programs there are)
  • Attend trials, hearings, depositions, and negotiations
  • Write memorandums of law to submit to the court and case briefs for the attorneys
  • Become intimately familiar with clients and their cases
  • Meet with your supervisor for at least 30 minutes every week
  • File pleadings and send orders to opposing counsels and judges
  • Learn the ins and outs of matter types from the beginning to the end
  • Obtain court, county, and state records
  • Participate in actual evidentiary discovery processes


Here’s What Will Make You Successful with Us:

  • You excel at customer service
  • You possess unparalleled concentration
  • You have a creative side to you
  • You find yourself saying “let’s try it and see”
  • You’re willing to risk it all to win a case, even if that means losing your hearing
  • You have a growth mindset and can handle changes to standard operating procedures
  • You’re able to organize your work and keep track of more than one project
  • You can work in a remote setting
  • You are self-directed
  • You have diverse communication skills and can articulate a subject to people of various backgrounds
  • You don’t mind an occasional virtual happy hour
  • You love to learn and have a passion for empowering different minority groups, including people with criminal records
  • You have organizational and problem-solving skills; with the ability to think strategically across a range of intellectual and practical problems
  • You have strong writing and research skills and can find and convey information clearly and concisely
  • You have impeccable attention to detail
  • You’re studying law in one of our practice areas or paralegal studies



Submit your resume, most recent transcript, and cover letter to with the subject line “Internship application.”

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Get Your Questions Answered - Call Me for a Phone Consultation - (312) 772-3346

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