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An Overview Of Drug Related Offenses In Illinois

An Overview Of Drug Related OffensesThis article helps you understand:

  • The penalties for crimes associated with marijuana.
  • The penalties for crimes associated with other hard drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine.
  • The role of a criminal defense attorney if pleading guilty.

What Are The Penalties For A Marijuana Related Conviction In Illinois?

The penalties of a conviction depend on each case, the amount of the marijuana, and the circumstances in which they obtained the marijuana.

It should be noted: most of the cases for marijuana possession in Illinois are not being charged in court anymore. In fact, the state attorney has gone backward and started dismissing pending charges since the statute changed where marijuana is legal in Illinois.

However, if you are facing a charge of illegal distribution based on a felony amount of marijuana, you would end up going to trial for that offense.

Fortunately, our firm has been successful with motions to quash and suppress the evidence. This causes key information to be thrown out in felony marijuana cases. In part, this is possible because of the fact that it is now considered legal, and the courts are being less punitive.

What Are The Penalties For Cocaine Or Other Drug Possession And Distribution Charges In Illinois?

The penalties for cocaine and similar drug charges vary depending on the amount, your criminal record, and the state’s evidence against you.

For these charges, you typically face anywhere from one-year probation all the way up to life in prison – depending on a host of factors unique to your case.

Am I Going To Prison For Possession Or Distribution Of Methamphetamine In Illinois?

Whether or not you go to prison for possession or distribution of methamphetamine depends on the weight, the circumstances, and your criminal background.

Additionally, depending on the class of the felony charge, you could go to a penitentiary based on your prior offenses.

I Am Going To Plead Guilty To A Drug Related Offense In Cook County, Illinois. Do I Still Need A Criminal Defense Attorney?

When it comes to drug-related offenses, you should always hire a private attorney if you can afford it. Even if you’re pleading guilty, you still need a zealous advocate to represent you with regard to the sentencing portion.

The courts in Cook County highly value familiarity, knowledge, and relationships. The attorneys at our firm have 30 years of criminal defense law experience and have been in every court building in Cook County.

Our team has relationships with most of the judges, most of whom were public defenders or state attorneys that we have worked with in the past. As such, the sentence that you end up getting could very well be less harsh, if not plead down to a minor infraction.

Even if it is a misdemeanor conviction, remember that you cannot have the offense expunged from your record. However, because of our knowledge base and relationships with the courts and state attorneys, cases have been dismissed after just community service.

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