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Client Testimonials

“Hi everyone, for the past two years – from beginning to end I was going through a tough family legal matter and Zach was there for me from start to finish. He was attentive, experienced, considerate, dedicated, and committed to getting the best results for me. A family legal matter was something I’ve never experienced before and indeed it does take TIME. Zach explained everything to me about how family courts operate and advised me professionally and cautiously about every decision I made. At one point I became very VERY frustrated about how inconsiderate and biased the family courts are against us men. Zach was there to calm me down, deal with my frustration, and walk me through the next steps against all odds. I wasn’t alone thanks to Zach. He was upfront with me and because of his experience he could predict things before they even happen. Not only he was my counsel, he was a great listener and he was my friend, someone who worked restless for me and was very concerned about the future with my children. I paid a VERY reasonable price for his services opposed to what other attorneys wanted to charge me for my legal matter. Zach didn’t make me feel like it was all about money, unlike some attorneys. He just wanted to help me and he did. People understand that this man is an experienced hard working attorney who will work endless for the best results for his clients, therefore people should be patient with him at all times and let him do his job which is working for you. Zach is always busy, so trust and believe that your case won’t be the only one he’s working on, he will have other cases that will require attention and people should be considerate that he’s doing the best that he can to help everybody and multitask. I recommend hiring Zach Hunsinger to anyone, embrace him as your counsel, and pay him a reasonable price for quality counsel and working hard for you providing the best possible result.”– Desean F.

“The overall adoption process was much quicker than I expected and what you charged us was much less than any other place would have charged us. Thank you again for everything Zach … we were so blessed to have you as Alex’s attorney!”– MH

“Attorney Boyd Odom is a wonderful and honest person to work with. She gives the facts to me straight without sugarcoating it and I appreciate that, for I can make an educated decision for my next move. She is informative, personable, and detail oriented. I love working with Ms. Boyd Odom as my attorney and I will always refer to her for her expertise, availability, and her commitment to her clients.”– Melonie J.

A Rare Gem – Zach is ethical, legally creative, extremely hard working and highly dedicated to achieving the very best outcome for his clients. If you need a hard hitting attorney who still retains a moral character, look no further! Zach’s firm won my complicated child support arrears case and continue to provide me with exceptional legal services on an international child custody case for my three daughters. Here is your last stop to finding a lawyer who not only listens, but really cares. I can HIGHLY recommend.”– Aimee

“He was great to work with from start to finish. He worked out payment arrangements with me and was very down to earth to deal with. Will recommend him to others.. Answered all of my phone calls in a reasonable amount of time. I was not left in the dark at all. Was a pleasure to work with him in and out of court. Didn’t make me nervous at all. Thanks. Hire this guy!”– Rick

“Zach is such an amazing lawyer! He was always there to guide me through what was going on. He takes a personal yet professional approach to his work. I’m glad I found him. Thank you!”– Tatiana C.

Actually Cared – Zach Hunsinger was very through and insightful on my case. I sent him a paragraph of my issue and he was able to write a 3 page letter which helped make my case successful. I had a positive outcome and Zach even followed up with me after the case was closed. He seemed really invested in my success.”– Haja

“I was very fortunate to have Zach represent me in my case. Throughout my case he was persistent, and he was exceptional at communicating with me regarding any updates. He offered me the best advice and he showed me that he really cares for his clients. He was always available to me when i needed him. I would always recommend Zach, choosing him as my attorney was the best decision i could have made.”– Levy G.

“I didn’t have a lot of money and my children’s mom tried to trick me into giving her my children. He is very thorough and friendly. He wants to help people, not just a man or a woman he is about people and he doesn’t choose a sex, he chooses right. I would recommend him to anyone.”– Latisha P.

“Zach just called me to let me know the Case has been marked closed. What a relief! 3+ year’s of court dates and headache’s, gone! There’s not enough good words to describe working with Zach. I wish I had found Zach from day one. That would have saved me tons of money, frustration, and time. Zach has a unique skill set that allows him to navigate all the in’z and out’z of these matters. Don’t look any further than Zach!”– Kevin C.

“I am very fortunate for having the luck on finding Zach. I searched for a couple probate lawyers, but they were charging to much for my budget. Zach prices are reasonable, but most importantly his knowledge for the reasonable price he charged is without a doubt worth more. Going through a probate case is not an easy process, but Zach’s compassion for me and my family was obvious that he was willing to help. I recommend anyone who needs a quality lawyer to contact him.”– Danny R.

Brilliant legal assistance – Zach has been handling our elderly Dad’s divorce to our utmost satisfaction. Zach is a quick study and was able to absorb the details of the case in no time and proceeded to guide us through the legal maze of divorce in Illinois. He gives the impression of being very competent in this field and is still approachable and down to earth. He a good communicator and tells it like it is without sugar coating it or being abrasive. He is a man of his word and you can count on him sticking to the terms of your agreement with him in terms of costs and his fees. An all together positive experience for us as his client!”– Jens

“Personally invested in my case and extremely reasonable in his costs- I went looking for an attorney to help me out while struggling with my divorce case and came across Zach. From the outset of our first meeting to finalizing my divorce, Zach was personally invested in my case and extremely reasonable in his costs. I have never dealt with an attorney that was down to Earth, easy to reach, and who explained complicated legal language in basic terms. As an honorable man and supporter of veterans, Zach will be my first call in the future for any legal matters.”– D.F.

Great to work with. – Very professional and always available to answer any questions or clear up any doubts. Definitely will continue working with him on future legal needs.”– Miguel R.

Friendly and helpful – Mr. Hunsinger was very helpful. My wife and I were having some issues, and he helped us to resolve them.”– Weam A.

“Hunsinger Boyd Odom and Goss Law Group LLP, are the BEST! Timi Odom makes it special. Her personal attention and on-time representation made me feel confident, that I was represented by the right Law Firm. Even after her professional representation, I feel as if I have a friend for life! I would recommend them, over and over, with no hesitation.”– A Satisfied Client

“Several years ago Attorney Odom did A Pro bono case for Us the dispute was concerning money that Chase took out of one account and put in another account and she wrote a letter Or whatever she did Chase got it right and another occasion years later she put together for my mother-in-law a Last will and testament that served our family the Usher family well Now I highly endorse her as far as I’m concern she’s the number one lawyer thank”– Emmanuel U.

“Timi has been a title agent of mine for over 15 years. She has done 100’s of real estate transactions. She has the ability to navigate the most complicated closings, giving her clients the best legal representation and exposing them to the least liability. She is truly an expert in the field of real estate law. She is patient, kind, knowledgeable, and experienced. I cannot say enough good things about her.”– Brad

“Researching the right attorney takes time, constant reading and deciding if the chosen one would be the right one. After reading and evaluating Attorney Timijanel Boyd Odom list of services, I knew in my heart she was the person that fit my needs. She was patient, understanding and well-rounded in her profession. She returned my calls within a timely fashion and extended herself beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Attorney Odom legal services.”– A Satisfied Client

Attny. Hunsinger – He did exactly what he said he would, nice guy, and straight to the point. I would hire him again.”– A Satisfied Client

VA Compensation – Very thorough and responsive. Zach Hunsinger expertly guided my application through a complicated bureaucracy. He was very responsive and proactively ensured all obligations were fulfilled.”– Michael

Employment Consult – I consulted with Zach Hunsinger concerning an employment issue. Although this area was not his direct specialty, he went out of his way to recommend several attorneys with which he was familiar.”– Michelle

Superb Attorney – Ms. Goss was a wonderful addition to my family law case! When a previous attorney failed to provide proper counsel on my case, she was able to step in and move my case forward – which was much desired. Ms. Goss is not only an impeccable attorney, she has superior critical thinking skills that proved very beneficial to my case. She is fair. She helps you look at things from both perspectives and she will always advocate for you (her client). Not only is my case over, I now have a peace of mind thanks to her. She is a woman of her word. She returns phone calls, texts, and emails in a timely manner. Hire her! You won’t regret it!!!”– Trisha

Knowledgeable, ethical, cost effective – Shunte was great to work with. She closed my divorce case as planned without any hiccups. She was ethical in her approach and never tried to prolong my case (as some attorneys would). Her price was very reasonable and she provided great value. I highly recommend to anyone seeking value while also wanting to keep cost low. I would definitely use Shunte again!”– A Satisfied Client

I would recommend – I asked to have someone contact me about Divorce questions. I ended up talking 45 minutes with Shunte and was very pleased with every aspect. Shunte wasted none of my time. Some attorneys want to run up the bill so to speak. She was about business, my business. I asked Shunte some tough questions about a post nuptial agreement. I was pleased with the help and was willing to pay for more assistance. I have an attorney in the family and deal with attorneys every day and would say she was one of the better ones at understanding the law and applying logic and probability of outcomes to a situation. She impressed me with her listening ability, understanding of the issues, her creativity with possible solutions, and her willingness to have a dialogue about other solutions. I enjoyed her nonjudgmental tone. A male generally does not expect an objective viewpoint on marriage and divorce issues but Shunte understood that it was a discussion about law and not a discussion about how males and females should treat each other. She was approachable and open versus being overly guarded with every sentence as some attorneys are. Wow, I have a lot of thoughts on attorneys 🙂 I would definitely recommend her to a friend.”– Michael

Outstanding – Highly recommended. She was able to assist me on short notice. I felt more comfortable with her going over the paperwork and explaining in detail what I needed to know.”– Gabriel

Well rounded Lawyer – I have had the pleasure of working with Attorney Odom for over 20 years she is a well rounded in the area of criminal law and family law having a back ground as a defense attorney in Cook County. Most of my experience with Attorney Odom has come in the from of being a real estate attorney for my clients. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help me get my deals closed. She is also a notary which has come in handy for my client on many occasions.”– James

Outstanding Lawyer – Timijanel Odom was our lawyer when we bought and sold our houses. She did an outstanding job. Ms. Odom was very professional and easy to work with.”– Marshall

Parking Tickets – My lawyer helped me with my unpaid parking tickets, we were able to work out everything and I was relieved of most of my tickets.”– Millar

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