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At Boyd Odom, & Goss Law Group, LLP  we understand how seriously criminal charges can affect a person's life, including the potential loss of reputation, career, and freedom. Our team is committed to making your situation manageable and obtaining the best outcome possible.

If you or a loved one faces criminal charges it is important to find a lawyer you can trust and has the knowledge and experience to confidently handle the case. At Boyd Odom, & Goss Law Group, LLP those qualities have been and will continue to be at the center of our success.

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  • Understanding: our firm will take the time to speak with you to understand your needs and goals. We will plan and execute strategies that are tailored to your set of facts to get you the best outcome.
  • Availability: our firm offers the flexibility to be available to you when it is convenient for you.
  • Reasonable fees: our firm offers very competitive pricing and have many options including fixed fees, fixed fee per appearance, contingency as well as payment plans that will meet your needs.

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