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Speak with a compassionate child support attorney in Chicago, IL

Your child has two parents; you shouldn't have to support them alone. Hire Hunsinger Law to help you file for child support. We'll meet with you to learn about your situation and help you and your spouse reach a fair arrangement.

If you think your agreement should be changed, talk it over with us. We offer child support modification in Chicago, Illinois. You may also have to alter your agreement if you have a new significant other in your life.

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Put your legal issue in caring hands

Put your legal issue in caring hands

Family issues can be complicated and stressful. Hunsinger Law will handle everything relating to your child support agreement to relieve you of that burden. A child support attorney in Chicago, Illinois can help you:

  • Enforce your child support agreement
  • Talk to the general counsel to set up a payment plan
  • Take action to collect past due child support
  • Get help from the Illinois Department of Health Care and Family Services (HFS)
Find out which arrangement will work best for your child. Reach out to us today to discuss your needs with a dedicated child support attorney in Chicago, Illinois.