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Family issues can be stressful. Your emotions might cloud your judgment and keep you from seeing the big picture. Turn to Hunsinger, Boyd Odom, & Goss Law Group, LLP to get objective legal counsel for your situation. We can help you with any type of family law issue, from uncontested divorce to adoption law  to child custody modification. A divorce attorney in Chicago, Illinois will discuss your situation with you and your spouse to determine the next steps to take.

Visit our law firm in Chicago, Illinois today to learn your rights from a capable divorce attorney. We also provide legal services for situations involving estate planning, business formation, LLC entities, probate and higher education disputes.

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We can help anyone dealing with a legal problem. You can feel at ease trusting us to handle your case because we:

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  3. Are committed to helping those struggling financially get reliable legal assistance

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Attorney Zach Hunsinger founded Hunsinger, Boyd Odom, & Goss Law Group, LLP in 2015. He received his Juris Doctorate from Loyola University Chicago in 2013. Before starting his own practice, attorney Hunsinger worked as a licensed social worker and resolved legal issues for a nonprofit organization. Both of these experiences helped him see the hardships other people go through first-hand. Rest assured he has the compassion and experience needed to handle your case.

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